Furnace Services in Denver, CO: Furnace Installation, Replacement & 24-Hour Emergency Furnace Repair & Maintenance Services

There are few things worse than coming home from a long day to a freezing cold house. You can help prevent this from happening by properly maintaining the furnace in your Denver home. Our skilled technician will come out to your home and preform a 13-point checklist. Our checklist includes checking for proper operation, adjustments of equipment, and any needed cleaning. Our skilled technicians can work on all makes and model of each heat system. Our Denver furnace repair specialists are also in constant training to ensure that they are up to date with the ever-changing furnace equipment. We understand the important role furnaces play in your home. As a result, we acknowledge that every Denver household needs access to quality furnace repair and furnace replacement services.

Denver’s Furnace Repair and Furnace Replacement Services

 To be considered one of Denver’s total heating companies, experience in a wide variety of furnace repairs and furnace replacements is a necessity. When you hire one of our heating specialists to complete the furnace repair or furnace replacement in your Denver home, you know you’re receiving service from a licensed professional with experience working with many different home furnaces.

The Long List of Furnaces We Can Repair or Replace Include:

Forced Air Furnaces A forced air furnace pushes air throughout the house to warm the home. Forced air furnaces rely on ductwork, vents and plenums to distribute the air. The return plenum carries the air from several large return grills (vents) to a central air handler for re-heating.
Wall Furnaces A wall furnace is smaller than a Forced air furnace and typically is used in smaller homes or smaller apartment/condos or in a home addition. A wall furnace simply draws up cool air through the bottom of the unit. As the air moves through the unit it heats the air and then pushes warmed air through a vent on the top of the unit.
Unit Heaters A unit heater is a mechanical device that consists of housing, a heat element, a fan and motor, and a directional outlet. These unit heaters often produce extremely high amounts of heat, making the unit heater ideal for use in warehouses or large commercial retail outlets with high ceilings. Unit heaters offer you a low-cost way to heat large-volume areas without requiring extensive duct systems.
Infrared Heaters An Infrared Heater or Heat Lamp is a body with a higher temperature which moves energy to a body with a lower temperature through electromagnetic radiation. Unlike the other heating systems, an infrared heater heats the objects in the room instead of just the air. The infrared heater does this and emits an invisible light as it does this. Your skin and clothes then absorb that light and heat.

A Trusted Denver Furnace Service

 When you invite us into your Denver home to complete a furnace replacement, we take the job very seriously. You can be sure that you’re receiving only the finest service from some of the most qualified heating specialists in Denver. If you are tired of coming home to a freezing house and are ready for your furnace to be repaired or replaced, please give us a call or send us an email today for a free, no-obligation estimate. We want you to come in out of the cold to a warm Denver home.



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