Sump Pump Services in Denver, CO: Residential & Commercial Sump Pump Repair & Replacement

Denver property owners rely on sump pumps to keep their basements dry. If moisture can accumulate, mold and mildew can form in under 24 hours. Standing water can immediately start breaking down drywall and your building’s subframe. Basement flooding can also lead to foundation damage. Our sump pump service in Denver will ensure that your basement will remain dry, and you won’t have all the headaches that come with a flooded basement.


Denver Property Owners Happy to Be Left High and Dry

A sump pump removes water from the basements of Denver homes. If the basement is below the water table level, water around the property may drain into a basement waterproofing system for safe removal. Older pumps may drain into the city sewer, but modern homes discharge the water far from the house to protect the foundation, into the middle of the yard through discharge line outlets. Since 1984, we have been the sump pump contractors for a multitude of Denver building owners.


The Sump Pump Styles That Denver Experts Repair

There are two types of sump pumps in Denver buildings, submersible and pedestal. The submersible is mounted entirely in the sump and is sealed to prevent short circuits making it submersible. The submersible is the more common type and can be installed when a house is being built, so it can be submerged in a sump pit in the floor. The pedestal type has the motor mounted above the sump, which sits above the pit. Denver property owners need sump pump service to ensure a continuously operable pump.


Sump Pump Contractors in Denver

If a building in Denver floods, there is a good chance the sump pump is beyond repair. Preventative maintenance is the best sump pump service to ensure your basement stays dry, because the pump remains operable. The motor and the brushes within need cleaning, and the hoses need to be clear of debris. We will perform the maintenance to all your pump’s components so it will continue to operate. Our sump pump contractors are trained and certified for all repairs.




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